A Protection Racket

Our regular reader and commenter Sagunto sends this interesting update on the Coptic Church hit list situation in Holland. We reported in last night’s news feed that al-Qaeda is threatening Coptic churches in the Netherlands, but Sagunto has even more from one of today’s newspapers. He says:

Just this morning I read about a remarkable initiative by three major Muslim organizations, to “protect” these churches.

I’d liken this protection to the kind of “protection” in The Godfather, and I’m sure from the Muslim officials’ perspective this must seem like a great PR stunt. I’m afraid to say that it actually seems to work. So I herewith I humbly offer you my “Church bombing PR spin-off alert”.

I have translated the first part of an article on the site of a major Dutch newspaper, De Telegraaf. It goes on for quite a bit longer, but I think this is enough to get the message.

And Sagunto’s translation of part of the article:

Muslims offer to protect Coptic churches

Muslim organizations are offering to protect Coptic churches in the Netherlands against possible attacks. The spokesmen of the Dutch Muslim Council (NMR), the Council of Moroccan Mosques in the Netherlands and the Federation of Islamic Organizations (FION) said so this Tuesday.

It concerns three Coptic Orthodox churches in the Netherlands that feature on an al-Qaeda list as possible targets for a bomb attack. The churches are located in Eindhoven, Utrecht and Amsterdam. In all, there are seven Coptic churches in the Netherlands.

The priest of the Coptic church in Amsterdam said in a response Tuesday that he received the offer by email. The church board replied with a thankful email, saying that they are “seriously considering” the proposal.

Besides wishing the churches to be “protected against the threat of al-Qaeda” the chairmen of the three Muslim organizations call on all Muslims, young and old, men and women, to condemn the threats loud and clear. “We must do this because al-Qaeda claims to act in the name of Islam. Christian Copts, we ourselves and all Dutch for that matter, face the exact same enemy: the terrorists. It is high time to make this very clear. We won’t be able to sleep anymore with the thought that Christian Copts here in the Netherlands are under attack.”

So we all face “the exact same enemy”, eh? How deluded can you get?

“Nice little church ya got there, Father — wouldn’t want anything to happen to it, now, would ya…?”
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