Playing Hockey With Mohammed

Our Swedish correspondent Freedom Fighter sends his translation of an article from Aftonbladet about a hockey referee who has been suspended for — gasp! — posting a Motoon on his Facebook page.

The translator includes this note: “Yet again, politically correct stupidity is punishing people for legal freedom of expression.”

Hockey referee suspended by the Swedish Hockey Association over cartoon of the Prophet Mohammed on his Facebook page

A Swedish Premier Division hockey referee published a caricature of the Prophet Mohammed on Facebook.

Now he has been suspended and, according to sources, SÄPO [the security police] were contacted.

“We had a meeting with this person and we agree that he should take a time out,” said Swedish Hockey Association’s security chief Peter Anderson.

It was just before Christmas when Swedish Hockey Association Awards and Safety Manager Peter Anderson called in the premier hockey referee for a personal meeting. Sport manager Mikael Lundström was also at the meeting held in the Association’s office at the Globe.

According to Sportbladet the referee was confronted with information that he published a cartoon of the Prophet Mohammed on his Facebook page. The Security manager also had a transcript of the page

“The referee admitted that he posted the picture and referred to the right to freedom of expression,” said a source.

Association Managers pressed the referee on the question of whether he was a racist — which he strongly denied.

“Had a meeting”

Sport chief Mikael Lundström confirm that the meeting took place but referred all questions to the head of security.

Peter Anderson would not comment, but later gave a brief comment.

“We had a meeting with a person who is a district referee. During the meeting, we agreed he should take time out the rest of the season. For reasons which I definitely do not want to go into,” says Peter Anderson.

But how do you assess the security risks?

“I would not comment on anything in that particular case.

Are you working with SÄPO?

“I have no other comments.

Why not?

“I want to ask you a question: where did you get the information from?

No one at the area or regional level will comment on the case, which is considered very sensitive.

Contact with SÄPO

According to Sportbladet, the Hockey Association has had contact with the Security Police concerning the potential threat that publishing the cartoon can bring.

Last night the Security Service would neither confirm nor deny reports that they were involved in the case.

The referee could not be reached for a comment.
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