A Modest Proposal

This guest post by Zenster is food for thought for the New Year.

Gates of Vienna readers frequently email us to ask what they can do, or what is likely to happen if things continue downward at their current speed. Zenster hasn’t answered those questions directly, but he does propose a way by which change might begin.

These ideas are broad and sweeping, deliberately so. Further ideas from our readers are welcome in the comments section of this post. However, criticism without a substantive suggestion for action will simply impede the flow of ideas this post is meant to generate. With that in mind, be guided in your responses, please.

I don’t know if Zenster has read Scott Rasmussen’s In Search of Self Governance. It’s a very slim book and would make an excellent accompaniment to his ideas. The book only takes an hour or two to read.

Feel free to repost this at your own blog. Just be sure to give Zenster credit for the ideas he has written here.

A Modest Proposal
by Zenster

One of the last hopes to save America may lie in instituting a National Referendum Process. Given enough signatures on enough petitions from enough states − said quota to be determined − the public could place on the federal ballot a law to be voted upon.

In order to achieve this, any politician wishing to receive even a single vote in any Federal election or primary would be required by that district's voters to sign a legal and binding voluntary contract obliging them to:

"Sponsor and support at every opportunity the National Referendum Process without qualification or excuse or face a penalty of $100,000 and prosecution on Felony Charges that carry, upon conviction, at least three years in Federal Penitentiary without time off for good behavior and irreversible loss of all pension and retirement benefits from service in the Federal Government.”

Any politician running for Federal office who did not voluntarily sign this contract would be deprived of all votes in that primary or election. Once enough politicians have been elected to enact the National Referendum Process, here are the first several laws that need to be passed:
1.Federal term limits on all Congressional and Senatorial offices. Furthermore, an elected official must serve both terms of office in order to qualify for even minimum pension and benefits.

2.All elected officials must retire on regular Social Security the same as that received by the general public. No separate form of health or financial benefits are to be allowed.

3.Increase the pay for each elected official to at least $1.5 million dollars per year with total elimination of the Lobbying Process such that any conviction upon charges of graft, influence peddling, bribery or corruption results in felony hard time and complete loss of all pension and retirement benefits. Elected officials cannot receive so much as a ball point pen or cup of coffee from the special interests sector. Any pay increases must conform to Social Security cost-of-living increases or be subject to vote by the general public.

4.Make the entire Federal election process taxpayer funded, with an upper limit for each candidate. No personal wealth or outside contributions could be used. Nor could “groups” be formed to raise monies for campaigns.

5.Eliminate the lifetime term of service for Justices of the Supreme Court of the United States of America.

6.Oblige all elected officials, excepting the top five in line of succession for the Presidency, to use regular civilian air carriers for all travel related to Government business including election and re-election activities. Officials are allowed to fly first class and can bump regular passengers at any time. The Federal Government will compensate airlines for any restitution they may be obliged to award travelers.

7.All Federal employees and elected officials cannot enter into employment for domestic or foreign agencies that seek to influence National Foreign Policy, Military Contracts, Budget Appropriations or passage of any laws in the Congress or Senate of the United States of America for a period of no less than five years subsequent to leaving office. Nor may they accept employment in media or academia for the same period of time.

8.Institute an immediate end to all foreign immigration subject to complete review and revision of the immigration process with an end to all further citizenship for infants born on American soil to parents, neither of whom are legal American citizens. All existing immigration laws relating to enforcement and deportation must be carried out in full by appropriate law enforcement agencies until the aforementioned changes are made.
9.A fine of $10,000 per day for all senatorial and congressional members who neglect to or fail to pass the national budget in a timely manner. This is the primary reason for their service in office and passing the budget must be given priority by all involved at the risk of financial penalty.

All readers are requested to submit suggestions as to modifications or additions to the proposed laws shown above. This is just a rough outline of what could possibly appear but time is running out and Career Politicians are killing us. They are not just killing America in general, they are killing US by permitting China to sell us poisoned foodstuffs and contaminated products. They are killing our young men and women in the armed forces by continuing to fight Islamic terrorism without making any attempt to end Islamic terrorism. They are killing our jobs, our communities and our nation’s industrial might. These Killing Fields must be closed down.

We, the voting public, must rise up and take back America before it is too late and our great nation descends into civil war or simply bankruptcy. Neither can be allowed to happen and it is incumbent upon all patriotic Americans to take action.

Time is running out and it will be one of the most heinous crimes in the annals of human existence if the greatest nation in the history of mankind is allowed to fail at the hands of its corrupt politicians.

This must not be allowed to pass.

Please circulate links to this essay and feel free to post it at your individual blogs. The only request is that proper attribution be made with respect to the author.
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