The Lawfare Case Against Pamela Geller

I’ve been chained to my keyboard ever since Geert Wilders’ case returned to court on October 4. By the time the judges in the trial were dismissed — which is when I otherwise would have taken a brief rest — the court date for Elisabeth Sabaditsch-Wolff had been set, and all my energies since then have remained focused on helping her.

Pamela GellerAs a result, I missed what happened to Pamela Geller. On October 13, Pamela found out that she was being sued for $10 million by a Muslim who didn’t like what she said about him. Many thanks to the reader who brought this to my attention.

As I said in my post the other day, Elisabeth isn’t the only one who will be targeted for what she says — all of us are at risk. Pamela Geller also needs and deserves our support.

Here are some excerpts from her post:

$10,000,000 Lawsuit Against Pamela Geller, Cites Free Speech

Lawfare Lawsuit Brought by Omar Tarazi — Litigation Jihad

In July of 2009, a young teenage girl ran away from her home in Ohio, after her father threatened to kill her upon discovering her conversion out of Islam. When she disappeared, many of her friends and those of us who had heard of her plight thought that she had met the worst of fates (as almost of these cases end the same horrible way). Imagine our joy when she emerged alive.

Who can forget? Rifqa Bary: “I want to be free”

What followed was a campaign of intimidation and persecution by Islamic supremacists, her parents and CAIR. Their objective was to shut her up and return her to the hellish home she fought so desperately to escape.

The Islamic supremacists lost. The lovers and defenders of freedom were victorious. But no good deed goes unpunished.

David Yerushalmi is representing me in the outrageous ten million dollar Islamic supremacist lawsuit brought by Omar Tarazi, lawyer for the parents of Rifqa Bary, whose father threatened to kill her after the Noor mosque ratted her out to her parents. Members of the Noor mosque had spied on her and found out that she had converted out of Islam. Scroll this link.

Tarazi has been a featured speaker at the Noor mosque that spied on Rifqa and publicly ridiculed her. The pressure on Rifqa Bary was intense, the fatwas calling for her death numerous.

The Barys had been working closely with Muslim Brotherhood front, Hamas-linked CAIR to return this poor tortured girl to her violent home. Atlas readers fought hard for Rifqa. We rallied, covered her trials to return her home, sent hundreds of Christmas cards in a holiday campaign (the lawyer Tarazi tried to have the cards seized and banned — unsuccessfully, I might add) and we contacted Florida and Ohio politicians and officials to keep Rifqa safe from her Islamic fundamentalist home and mosque.

Islamic supremacists sprung into action.


We won, but Islamic supremacists are not known for being terribly good sports. Here is the AP’s take on the lawsuit:

Blogger who backs runaway Christian convert cites First Amendment in defamation suit response via FOX 59 news

COLUMBUS, Ohio (AP) — A blogger championing the case of a Muslim-to-Christian convert from Ohio says allegedly defamatory comments she’s being sued over were protected free speech.

Atlas Shrugs blogger Pamela Geller also says many of the postings singled out in a federal lawsuit could fall into the realm of hyperbole and not defamation.

Geller says in a federal court filing Tuesday that she is a journalist writing about a matter of public interest and is protected by the First Amendment.

Go over to Pamela’s place for more text and photos. And there’s also a “Donate” button on her sidebar — use it to express your tangible support for her cause.
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