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Musaa cast & crew
Director: Himanshu Bhatt
Producer: Mahendra Katariya
Music: Illyas, Jaideep, Santosh Sharma
Main Cast: Jackie Shroff, Samir Aftab, Sushant Singh, Yashpal Sharma
Genre:Action, Thriller
Release:Oct 29, 2010

Musaa Bollywood Film Review : In today’s world it an electronic media which is calling the shots. This media has made it’s reach to almost every household of the country and innocent people follow this media blindly. As a result this media has become very powerful and the race to be on number one position among the channels has began. To remain ahead in the race the trend of sensationalisation of the news has started.

Sting operation is the outcome of this trend.Today we live in the era of sting operation and the story of “Musaa” is based on such sting operations and the aftermath of it. Mr. Jaikishan Shroff is the C E O of one of the leading channels. He is a married man and his wife is noted heart surgeon. To increase the viewership of his channel Jaikishan opts for sting operation and this operation covers an underworld gang.

Unfortunately the sting operation goes horribly wrong and to save his skin Jaikishan makes an innocent boy Rohan a scapegoat. With this the life of Rohan is changed overnight and he is forced to take the refuge in the underworld. How he becomes the victim of channel war and how he fights this battel on his own forms the crux of story which is full of spine chilling moments and thrilling sequences.
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