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Yaksha Full Cast & Crew
Rating: 2.5/5
Banner: Samy Associates,
Cast: Yogish, Nana Patekar, Rubi, Master Hirannaiah, Sharanya, Kishore, Atul Kulkarni, Mahesh, Siddaraju, GK Govinda Rao, Ambujakshi and others.
Music: Anoop Seelin,
Cinematography: KS Chandrasekhar,
Producer: TP Siddaraju,
Direction: Ramesh Bhagavath,

Yaksha Kannada Movie Review: It is a dream role for Yogish (Loose Mada) to be acting along with Nana Patekar in his home production. For those eager what Nana plays in the film; one, he is a super cop, second he plays Yogish’s father as well . That should be enough of spice to get audience more interested about perhaps Yogish’s biggest film till date.The film also has many other things going for it. The songs, which have been shot in a very stylish manner rather than the ‘tapang’ style of his earlier films are already a sensation. They look awesome on the big screen. Yogish has also considerably changed his mannerisms in the film and does not come across as the ‘too local’ image of his. He proves that he can look and act the mod guy.

Coming to the story, Yogish plays Yaksha Raj Pulikeshi, a college student. But Yaksha is more interested in reading about underworld dons. He takes a liking to Poonja, (Atul Kulkarni) an underworld don. He makes much effort to become his assistant because he wants to be ‘powerful’ like him. He joins his gang and becomes the don’s favourite as well. He begins to do the dirty job for the don and kills many opponents.When his mother, brother and grandfather come to know that Yaksha is working for a don, they are upset. Yaksha had wrongly informed them that he worked in a coffee shop. But there is an hidden truth. Yaksha is not working for the don. He has joined him only to eliminate him. The flashback reveals the true story of Yaksha and his father Pulikeshi (Nana Patekar). Nana makes for an inspiring screen presence. The roles of Komal, Master Hirannaiah and Kishore are also noteworthy. Though Atul Kulkarni has more screen time, Nana Patekar steals the show in the last one hour.

Yaksha is a worthy effort by TP Siddaraju the producer and a commendable work by director Ramesh Bhagavat. Imran Sardaria’s choreography of three songs is a treat to the eyes as is the music by Anoop Seelin and camerawork by Chandra Shekar. A film that is sure to endear Yogish to his fans more.
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