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The famous octopus Paul which corectly predicted all results of 8 chosen games during the 2010 World Cup has died at age 2 1/2. German officials from Oberhausen aquarium announced that the octopus died of natural causes. Paul looked ok when checked Monday evening but he was found dead Tuesday morning. The specialists consider that it is something normal for this type of octopus to die at that age. Born in January 2008 in Weymouth, England, Paul was raised at Germany's Oberhausen aquarium and started becoming famous during the 2008 European football tournament. At that time the cephalopod predictions were not 100% accurate including also the erroneous result of the final. In 2010 instead, Paul guessed all seven Germany's games and also Spain's win over the Netherlands in the World Cup final. The method of prediction was quite simple: two food (mussel)-containing boxes were being introduced in Paul's environment, and the boxes were wrapped with national flags of teams following to confront. The box chosen by Paul for its meal represented the winning team.
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