Now Unions Can Dictate Arbitrary Dress Codes

I don’t remember how this video popped up. If a reader sent it, please step forward and claim credit.

This is further evidence about the ignorant, doctrinaire thinking that leads to decisions like the one seen here (thanks to Vlad Tepes for YouTubing it):

You could ask “what were they thinking” but zealots don’t think. They simply react (pardon the expression) in predictable black-and-white decisions that manifest their narrow, fundamentalist world view.

The man reports feeling “humiliated” because he was being sent home like a miscreant child for wearing a shirt displaying the ship on which his son is serving. Evidently, the name “Bush”, even if it doesn’t refer to our 43rd president, is verboten. Or so say these mindless union supervisors. They evidently have enough power now to dictate an arbitrary dress code to their adult workers.

It is easy to understand why this father wears these emblems. The hat and the sweatshirt are material connections to a son he worries about (as does any parent whose child is serving in the military). That may be the reason we see him begin to tear up as he talks about his sense of helplessness. A grown man should never be treated like this.

Perhaps he’ll file a grievance and will be permitted to choose his own clothing. Or maybe the ACLU will drop in for some lawfare? Let’s not hold our breath.

Our country is being ruled by these nanny unions. I am grateful to live in a state which is relatively free of their influence and their demonization tactics.

Unions are a cancer on the body politic. The sooner their overweening influence is reduced the healthier it will become.
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