“A Fair Chance”

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Geert Wilders feels like he’s getting a second chance at a fair trial.

The latest from De Telegraaf, as translated by our Flemish correspondent VH:

“I will get a new, fair chance”

Geert Wilders sees himself receiving a “a new, fair chance” now that his case will have to be tried all over again. “Hopefully this time with unbiased judges,” the PVV leader said Friday, after it became known that the challenge court of the Amsterdam Court had granted his request for other judges.

The politician said he is happy that he does not have to continue with the current judges, chaired by Jan Moors. He also thanked Bram Moszkowicz, his lawyer.

The Counsel Mr. Moszkowicz in turn, praises the courage to challenge court to award the request. “It’s unfortunate that had to go this way,” he says. Despite the fact that it still can take months before the case against Wilders will again go to court, Mr. Moszkowicz finds that something has been won. “What we won is that we can continue with judges who do not have the appearance of bias hanging around them.”
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