A Courtroom Farce

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Last night we posted translated articles about the courtroom antics of the injured parties in the Geert Wilders trial. Our Flemish correspondent VH has kindly transcribed and translated a video showing a portion of the farcical proceedings.

The translator adds this introduction:

Monday, October 19, 2010 was a messy session day in which the aggrieved parties were permitted to explain the damage they suffered due to alleged expressions by Geert Wilders.

In the video below, Mohammed Enait — the lawyer who refuses to rise for a judge, often calls the Dutch “aboriginals”, and refuses to shake hands with a woman — takes the floor following another lawyer for the aggrieved parties, Nico Steijnen, who keeps walking though the courtroom.

Many thanks to VH for the translation and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling. If the video isn’t working, the “Blogger bug” is responsible — click the “read more” link, and then watch it:

A full transcript is below the jump.

00:00 Enait: Him, he who insults me rough, me loads me sham[e], he …
00:06 Judge: Mister Enait… for all clarity,
00:07 in the courtroom you speak to the judge.
00:08 And he is sitting here.
00:09 Moszkowicz: And I have a question, president:
00:10 is Monseigneur representative of himself now?
00:12 Judge: He is representative, as I understand,
00:14 of the ‘Movement for the Restoration of Respect’,
00:16 that is what I asked him.
00:18 Enait: That’s a movement also for instance the Foundation Amin,
00:22 that you also see in the records,
00:23 that is the all Muslims in the Netherlands,
00:25 in that respect I am for security reasons,
00:29 because I was dealing with certain .
00:31 ultra-trailer-parkers who eh… threaten me…
00:32 Judge: But Mister Enait, you must just answer
00:34 the question with a yes or no, and according to me
00:36 I think you just have to answer the question…
00:38 Enait: No because Mister Moszkowicz… is doing so turbulent about,
00:40 I thought I answer one with extenso…
00:44 Judge: Thus, Mister Moszkowicz, the court assumes Monseigneur
00:47 is the representative on behalf of
00:48 the ‘Movement for the Restoration of Respect’.
00:50 Moszkowicz: Thank you.
00:52 Judge: Go ahead, you have…
00:53 Enait: He who insults me rude, overloads me with sham[e]…
00:57 he who openly slanders me, him, I offer the brother-hand,
01:02 I did not think so. An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth.
01:06 History repeats itself,
01:08 the first time as tragedy, the second time as comedy.
01:12 This adage was initially the [???] who greeted,
01:16 who the banal party I represent, had gesticulated for themselves,
01:20 when they approached the problem Wilders, Nomen est Omen.
01:25 Wilders, or “little Hitler” as he by the respectable
01:29 former [GreenLeft] MP Mohammed Rabbae was called…
01:32 Judge: I am going to interrupt you now already, because I have…
01:37 well, as has been announced by your colleague,
01:39 you should put forward a purely factual argumentation
01:41 of the damage suffered by your clients,
01:45 and I get the impression, based on what I’ve just heard,
01:49 it’s not going down that road.
01:51 Enait: Well, I will be going there, but as my colleague just also
01:55 needed building blocks, I also need building blocks to get there…
01:58 Judge: I prefer that you start with the factual argumentation.
02:00 Moszkowicz: May I still make one comment?
02:02 Judge: That you may.
02:03 Moszkowicz: Thank you. Mr. Wilders believes
02:04 that everything can be said.
02:06 I do not think so, thus the moment here that a representative
02:12 of the Dutch Bar, compares my client with Hitler,
02:15 you then overstep the mark. I say it quite explicitly hereby:
02:19 Mister Wilders thinks he must be able to say that,
02:21 but I think that cannot be,
02:24 and I hope Monseigneur for the rest of the time will behave just a little.
02:26 Judge: Well, Mister Moszkowicz, I have not interrupted Mr. Enait,
02:29 not without reason,
02:30 Moszkowicz: No, I understood that, president.
02:32 Enait: But you interrupted me without me being uh …
02:35 finished my sentence, because I quoted a member of parliament…
02:38 Judge: But that Mr. Enait, is also a characteristic of interrupting …
02:40 Moszkowicz: I keep receiving documents here…
02:41 all the time, from Monseigneur…
02:43 what are you doing?… But no, I don’t want them…
02:49 Judge: Mister Steijnen, Mister Steijnen,…
02:52 Moszkowicz: He is sort of dancing it is all the time … What is this?
02:54 Judge: You all the time walk across the room, through the picture,
02:57 it is quite annoying, do you want…
02:58 Moszkowicz: What is this?
02:59 …to limit yourself to walk to the court once
03:01 and then hand over your documents?
03:03 Moszkowicz: Where have I ended up in?…
03:05 [to Nico Steijnen] No I do not want them…
03:10 Judge: Ladies and gentlemen, I would really appreciate it
03:12 if everyone were to keep his mouth shut when I speak,
03:14 I now have the floor, so everyone keep his mouth shut.
03:16 Mister Steijnen, you no longer walk through the room;
03:18 Mister Enait, you refrain from indecent language;
03:21 whatever the freedom of speech, in the room, in the courtroom
03:24 we deal with each other in a decent way,
03:26 and that also applies to you.
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