Bram Moszkowicz Challenges the Court Again

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We already know the dénouement of today’s courtroom drama in Amsterdam, which saw the judges removed from Geert Wilders’ case, and the postponement of the trial until a new panel of judges can be appointed.

Here’s the report De Telegraaf earlier today, as translated by our Dutch correspondent H. Numan:

Moszkowicz challenges the court again

AMSTERDAM - Bram Moszkowicz again challenged the court in the Wilders case .

He thinks that the court appears to be biased by deliberating a request to accept the witness Prof. Jansen and not immediately accepting him as a qualified witness. (Prof. Jansen is a well-known authority on the Arabic language and Islam.) The court wanted to decide whether or not to accept him later on.

Because the court still can reject the request, it is not possible for Moszkowicz to underpin a crucial part of his plea.

At the beginning of the proceedings Mr. Moszkowicz also challenged the court. He felt that the court appeared to be biased against his client after a remark from the presiding judge. He said Wilders avoided the debate by invoking his right to remain silent.
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