Requested: People With Lots of Guts

Below is a new essay by our Dutch correspondent H. Numan. It was originally published in Dutch at Het Vrije Volk, and has been translated by the author.

Requested: people with lots of guts
by H. Numan

Cast him into the Outer Darkness!Once again a PVV member of Parliament is being damaged. The lucky one is Mr. James Sharpe. It’s getting a wee bit boring. The present victim isn’t yet finished off, and the next one already under attack.

Saints are only seated in the left and center of Parliament, not on the right. Poor Mr. Wilders isn’t capable of attracting parliamentarians without a criminal record, strong fists or an alcohol problem. Or so it seems. Is Wilders really that stupid?

Not quite. Look around you. Seen a PVV poster in a window on your way to work? If you did, you are lucky. There aren’t that many visible. When you went home, was that poster still there? Or was the window boarded up awaiting the glazier?

Supposing you voted for the PVV yourself. Can you talk openly about it amongst family, friends and colleagues? Or you feel you might alienate some of your friends and family, or get into trouble at work if you do? After all, voting is done in secrecy. So let’s keep it that way.

Now you begin to understand the power of left-wing politics. For over forty years the Left has been able to do whatever it pleases. And they used that power to set up a network to remain in power for the foreseeable future. To damage the PVV they don’t need the AIVD. They have a multitude of intelligence agencies, all financed by you, the taxpayer. To name a few of them: Kafka, Jansen & Janssen, and the MDI. There are many more of them.

All of them are actually private clubs without any real authority, paid for by you and me. They have nothing else to do but register what you are currently doing. Anything that can be perceived as extreme right-wing is. With as much personal details (name, full address, email address, and a photo) in public view on the Internet. Extreme right wing doesn’t mean being a member of the KKK or the neo-Nazis. Far from it. Visiting sites such as Gates of Vienna is already considered extreme right-wing. Blogs are being monitored, activities reported. By volunteers on the dole who haven’t anything better to do anyway. Administered, organized and arranged by volunteers who get a bit extra as ‘community work’.

Okay. You’re a real gray mouse. There aren’t any skeletons in your cupboard. All your life you have been in the clear. Never done anything remotely out of the usual. Your worst offenses are a few speeding fines and parking tickets. Left-wing activists can’t harm you that way. Well, they don’t have to. It’s more than likely you won’t be interested in a political career anyway. So why bother bothering you?

Now we assume that you, the proverbial gray mouse with the perfect clean record, decide to go into politics anyway. That doesn’t bother the Left at all. They just change gears. Take for example Prem Radhakishun. He is a well-known left-wing journalist/TV personality. Two days ago on a popular primetime TV program he accused an opponent of being pedophile. Just like that. Without blinking an eye. He was suspended for a few months. Nothing more than that. (In the USA he and his descendants would have to work hard to pay of the ensuing libel penalties…)

In the case of the PVV parliamentarian Eric Lucassen, the anti-pedophile network “” accuses him of being a special kind of pedophile, a so-called “Ephebophile”. Don’t worry if you have to look that one up in an encyclopedia. You’re in good company. So did I.

This rancid extreme left-wing club has on many occasions accused others of being pedophiles. Without a shred of evidence. Often completely wrong. The victims are rarely capable of defending themselves against this kind of libel and suffer severe damages. Not just in reputation.

Not only that, they are dead wrong (again). The Dutch army doesn’t recruit child soldiers. Exactly for that reason the age limit was raised from 16 to 18, although 17 year olds can participate in some training programs.

Don’t even think you can do the same. Supposing you post all relevant information about Prem Radhakishun on the Internet. His private phone numbers, email addresses, Facebook pages and full details about his severe alcoholism problem (which he actually has). You can expect a legal order to remove it within hours. It’s likely to be hand-delivered by a SWAT team, to show you this is beyond the pale. Gregorius Nekschot knows all about it.

Privacy has high priority for left-wing activists. But only if you are an extreme left-wing activist yourself, or a dangerous criminal. It doesn’t apply to anyone else. A seriously dangerous person attacks without reason or provocation people with a knife in the Amsterdam Vondelpark. The police created an intentionally bad robot photo, which is bad enough already, and blocked his eyes with a black censor stripe. “To protect his privacy”, no less. If the privacy of a dangerous deranged person is so vital, why bother showing a bad-looking image to assist in his arrest?

In the unlikely case they cannot find anything about you, or accuse you of something, nothing to worry about. They simply go and test whether your house is fire resistant, your windows strong, and the same for your car. Cut your tires a few times, dump some manure in your mailbox, send a few anonymous death threats. If that doesn’t do the trick, the same will happen to your family, friends or at the company you work for. This never happens under orders of Job Cohen or Femke Halsema. But it happens all the same.

Just ask yourself: the legal hobos who prosecute Wilders and are now preparing a legal case against the state, the prosecution office and the courts for not (successfully and cheerfully) convicting Wilders. How do they pay for all that? This bunch of legal incompetent clowns aren’t going to pay for it themselves. No way in hell! If you believe that, I have several bridges and the Eiffel Tower for sale. Nico Steyner, who looked like a ’60s hippie going senile, was caught a day later climbing a fence of a military installation. At his age! The old geezer must be a lot more careful. At his age his bones aren’t what they used to be.

But even that is an argument against Wilders. A lot of left wing loonies complain that all this legal clowning around cost tons of money, which it most certainly does. If Wilders, like a good chap would simply admit his guilt immediately, and let himself be sentenced by the court meekly, that would save an enormous sum of money. Quite. I wonder why they didn’t ask him to pay for the party. After all, in China the condemned man is charged the cost of his execution.

Are you interested in representing the PVV in Parliament or a local council? Knowing that injustice and evil are coming your way? If they can’t touch you, they can intimidate your family, friends, or anybody else. And they will. Police protection? Come on! The police have much better things to do than that. The very last thing on their minds is to do what they are paid for. In a literal sense: it doesn’t pay them at all. Fining cyclists for speeding does.

To sum it up: you really have to have very strong nerves to decide to do something like that willingly. I know plenty of capable people of integrity who decline. They aren’t willing to sacrifice everything. It simply isn’t worth it. And that is exactly what the Left is doing right now.

And mind you: this is all planned. On March 11 there will be elections at the provincial level and for the Senate. If the PVV wins as they stand now, the Left is finished. At least for a decade to come. Any seat less for the PVV is a victory for left wing parties. So that is why you see so many scandals appearing in the space of just a few days.

The fun has only just begun. Four more months of terror lie ahead.
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