Pakistan’s Present — Our Future

In several countries in Western Europe, non-Muslims who quote the Koran or characterize Islam as a violent religion can be prosecuted — and are being prosecuted. They are considered criminals.

In Iraq, Christians are being increasingly targeted by Islamic zealots in bomb and terrorist attacks. The Iraqi government is advising Christians in metropolitan Baghdad to flee to Kurdistan where they will be safer. There is talk about forming a new all-Christian province which could protect its own inhabitants. If that were to happen, of course, the new province would gradually be whittled down and destroyed by attacks launched by the much larger Muslim population surrounding it.

In Pakistan, a woman named Asia Bibi has been sentenced to death for blaspheming the prophet Mohammed. It’s bad enough that such a barbarous legal provision even exists, but what’s worse is the likelihood that she never even insulted the prophet. The testimony of a Muslim, even hearsay, is given greater weight than that of a Christian, and Muslims take advantage of this fact to hurl “blasphemy” charges against any Christian who fails to show himself sufficiently “subdued” by his Muslim betters.

These three examples represent the present, the near future, and the long-term future facing Western countries if their citizens fail to wake up and realize the dangers of Islamization.

The following video is taken from a recent news story about the case of Asia Bibi. Many thanks to Vlad Tepes for YouTubing it. I’ve placed it below the jump to thwart the “Blogger bug”:

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