Hunting the “New Laserman” in Rosengård

Cultural Enrichment News

In recent months the culturally enriched neighborhood of Rosengård in the southern Swedish city Malmö has been terrorized by a gunman who has been dubbed the “New Laserman” because he uses a rifle with a laser sight, in apparent imitation of a sniper who committed similar crimes a number of years ago.

Since all of the gunman’s victims or intended victims have been immigrants — what else could they be in Rosengård? — “racism” is suspected as a motive for the shootings. Some people have gone so far as to associate the New Laserman with the Sweden Democrats.

The residents of Malmö are impatient to catch the killer. They don’t want to wait for the police to arrest him, and plan to dispense some culturally enriched vigilante justice on the mean streets of Rosengård. In the news video below, the man known as the “Laser Turk” explains what he plans to do when he catches up with the culprit.

Many thanks to Hans Erling Jensen for translating this report, and to Kitman for subtitling it:

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