“We are the True Voice of England”

“Winston Churchill is every single thing Britain is about.”

Below is Part 1 of the speech given in Peterborough today by Tommy Robinson, the leader of the English Defence League.

The desecration of Winston Churchill’s statue by the “London Taliban” on Thursday caused a great revulsion amongst the rank and file of the EDL. Patriotic volunteers made their way to central London to clean up the statue and restore it to its proper condition.

According to Tommy Robinson, the police recognized and respected the EDL for their service to the community. That may be one reason why relations between the Peterborough police and the EDL demonstrators were so cordial today. An ordinary British copper — who, after all, is from the same general background as many members of the EDL — has surely noticed that the violent thugs he has to deal with on the streets are most certainly not members of the EDL.

We owe a big vote of thanks to Vlad Tepes for his efforts to make this video PG-13. Vlad bleeped out as many expletives as he could find, but be warned — there may be a few left here and there:

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