Trampling on the Flag

Anti-Semitism is rampant in most Western European countries. Contrary to popular myth, it is not a right-wing phenomenon, but a preoccupation of the Socialist Left aligned with radical Islam, and puts on a false mustache and sunglasses to disguise itself as “anti-Zionism”.

The news story below is about an anti-Israel demonstration in Amsterdam last winter. In it you’ll see a lone demonstrator unfurl an Israeli flag in the midst of a sea of Palestinian flags. Notice what happens to him as a result.

Our Flemish correspondent VH supplied this introduction to the video:

Israeli flag trampled — Ben Kok

The brave Jewish-Christian Pastor Ben Kok shows an Israeli flag during a demonstration by leftists and Muslims against Israel in Amsterdam on January 3, 2010. He is immediately intimidated by a Muslim then and quickly removed by the police in a van. In the turmoil he loses his flag. “The expressions there were anti-Semitic and one-sided,” Ben Kok said afterwards.

Many thanks to VH for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling. I’ve placed the video and a full transcript below the jump:


00:00 At around 13:00, the Museumplein slowly filled with demonstrators.
00:04 But before the event began, first there were some prayers.
00:11 Several thousand people were attracted to the demonstration,
00:14 which was organized by a number of different organizations.
00:17 Yes, what we at least want is to give a clear signal to politics,
00:21 we ask the government to take a clear and unambiguous stand.
00:25 “This is the emergence of a new generation of revolutionary...”
00:37 Sir, why have you taken off your shoe now?
00:40 Out of shame for the government. It made no decision
00:44 to condemn the Israeli attacks.
00:48 I am from Iraq, and I find it very sad for the people in Palestine.
00:54 Among the dozens of Palestinian flags, suddenly an Israeli flag appeared.
00:58 Sir, why do this now?
01:00 I find that Israel also has the right make her voice heard,
01:04 and there are two sides to this sad affair in the Middle East,
01:07 I think it’s a fine country, and that in this country you can make all sides of an issue heard…
01:11 Stop lying, sir! Stop lying, stop lying! What are you trying to do here...
01:16 Stop lying.. Stop lying! Man, you as a human, as human,
01:22 you must simply tell Israel, your friends, to stop killing people.
01:26 That is what you must say. Not say such as .... What you ...
01:31 There was quick intervention in the situation by police and security.
01:36 Only the Israeli flag did have to pay for it.
01:40 Around half past two the protest march went through the inner city.
01:44 And all the way at the front we met an old acquaintance.
01:47 For what is an anti-Israel demonstration without…
01:49 Mrs. Duisenberg [known anti-Semite], on the barricades again?
01:51 Yes yes…
01:55 How’s the order doing?
01:58 It goes well, goes well, yes, sure, goes well.
02:00 Nothing happened? “No no.”
02:03 The demonstration was already over at five.
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