Mistaken Identity

An Australian artist named Sergio Redegalli caused a lot of controversy when he painted a mural on the outside wall of his studio featuring the slogan “Say No To Burqas”.

Needless to say, Muslims were offended. And when Muslims get offended, official Australia jumps to their defense. Unfortunately for all the offendees, the mural was (and is) on private property, and was thus beyond the reach of the law.

Crikey! What to do?

The first step was to hold meetings, lots of meetings, in which feelings were aired and the diverse Down Under community engaged in dialogue. A young man donned a burqa and sat in the audience during one of those meetings, just to make a point.

You can hear him tell his story on an Australian talk radio program. Many thanks to Vlad Tepes for YouTubing the audio with a photo of the burqa mural to illustrate it:

Hat tip: Darrin Hodges.
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