A Jihad Against That Infidel Danish Snow

Cultural Enrichment News

Below is a news story from that epitome of hateful, racist, Islamophobic culture — Denmark. Many thanks to Hans Erling Jensen for the translation:

About fifty asylum-seekers went berserk on Thursday afternoon when bus could not take them back to their asylum center because of the snowstorm.

The incident occurred in front of the station in Roskilde in Denmark, where the asylum-seekers intended to go by bus to the Danish Red Cross center in Avnstrup, a local village outside Roskilde.

But the driver decided that it was too dangerous to drive the bus on the road because of the heavy snowfall, and that pissed off the asylum-seekers so much that they went out in the middle of the road and blocked traffic.

Numerous asylum-seekers refused to leave the road and let the traffic pass, and when police arrived, it ended with the officers having to use pepper spray against several of the excited asylum-seekers.

“The group refused to move away from the road, and we had to threaten them with our weapons, but it was fortunately not necessary to use violence,” the communications officer Carsten Andersen of Central and West Zealand Police said.

The police succeeded at last the in removing the many asylum-seekers from the road and later in the evening they were driven home to Avnstrup in another bus — under police supervision.

Commentary by Hans Erling Jensen:

Why don’t we let these people into our country and give them citizenship?

They showed initiative by protesting against the racist driver, who wouldn’t risk his filthy life in the snowstorm for their sake. They showed gratitude by not attacking the police.

By God, I love this kind of people! A pity one of their companions died this very afternoon in Stockholm without fulfilling his mission. He claimed he would kill our daughters and sisters, but didn’t succeed.

I tell you, we need more of those people in our society to enrich our culture.

Or do we?

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