“Islam is an Ideology”

EDL leader Tommy Robinson has been featured here a lot recently, but it’s worth noting that there are other leaders of the English Defence League who speak out forcefully and eloquently against the Islamization of England.

One of them is Guramit Singh, whose speeches have been featured here several times. He was interviewed this past Monday on BBC Radio Cambridgeshire (whose service area includes Peterborough, where last week’s demonstration took place).

You’ll notice that in comparison with the treatment Tommy Robinson receives, the interviewer is relatively soft on Mr. Singh — presumably because he is a “brown” person, and therefore deserves more humane treatment than would a native Englishman.

Fortunately for the BBC’s listening audience, Guramit Singh took the opportunity handed him and used it wisely. His indictment of Islam is one of the most deft and devastating I’ve heard so far on any MSM broadcasting outfit:

Hat tip: Kitman.
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