Gas Canisters for the Bystanders, Pipe Bombs for the Perp

The pipe bombs used in the Stockholm bombing evidently were strapped to the mujahid’s body, and his car was full of gas canisters. The Stockholm Christmas Jihad now seems similar to the failed Times Square bombing, with the addition of a suicide dénouement for the perpetrator. There may or may not have been an accomplice.

Vlad has the latest:

Swedish police have identified the contents of the bag carried by the suspected suicide bomber involved in the Dec. 11 bombings in Stockholm, Swedish daily Aftonbladet reported. Police have confirmed the backpack contained spikes, nails and also an unidentified substance. The police examined the contents of the bag using a robot. The man had strapped six pipe bombs to his body, only one of which exploded. Witnesses said the man shouted something in a language believed to be Arabic before detonating the explosives, according to the report.
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