Belligerent Burqa Bimbo: Busted

In a couple of news feeds last month we featured the case of a culturally enriched Australian woman who was pulled over by a cop for a routine traffic stop. She angrily insisted that the fact that she was wearing a niqab was the reason the cop stopped her. She went so far as to file an official complaint against him, accusing him of “racism”, and even insisted that he had attempted to pull off her veil.

As we all know, this sort of charge from a burqette is enough to ruin a career. Fortunately for the poor police officer, there was a dashboard cam in his car which recorded the entire encounter and vindicated him completely. The young woman was eventually sentenced to six months in jail for filing a false complaint, but has now been released on bail, and is appealing — although obviously not to many Australians.

Here’s a comprehensive TV news report on the case. Many thanks to Vlad Tepes for YouTubing this video:

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