An Axe to the Roots

As far as our cause is concerned, we Counterjihad activists generally regard opinion journalists in the Legacy Media as pretty useless.

There are some notable exceptions — Diana West and Mark Steyn come to mind — but most MSM columnists, even those sympathetic to the struggle against sharia, are timid about examining the deeper implications of the Islamization of the West. They are chronically infected with the Screaming Nazi Heeber-Jeebers — which may explain their irrational hope for the “moderate Muslim”, and their reluctance to trace out the potential futures that lie ahead for us if present trends continue. Given what happened to this blog after it published El Inglés’ essay “Surrender, Genocide… or What?”, the timidity of mainstream commenters is understandable — after all, they risk losing their livelihoods if they color too far outside the PC lines.

All of this was brought to mind by an exchange of emails with one of our European readers. He and I are in general agreement, but I took exception to his assertion that if it were not for newspaper columns and radio discussions and books about Islamization, most people would still not know what’s happening.

This is no longer true, although it may have been the case six or eight years ago. More people read anti-jihad blogs and websites now than read most newspaper columns. Information travels through different channels nowadays.

This fact is not immediately obvious, because there are fewer “stars” in our environment, and we lack an obvious internet information commons, such as the one the BBC provided in Old Media. For that reason many people still look to the old organs — the Times, the NYT, the Telegraph, CNN, Der Spiegel, Le Monde, etc. — to provide an overview of what is going on. What does the nation think? What are the trends? Read The Washington Post!

This is especially true of people who hold significant power in politics, the media, academia, and big business. As a result they remain largely unaware of a massive groundswell of change that is moving beneath them.

I am aware of what is happening, because I am a bottom-dweller in the current information structure. I inhabit an extensive distributed network of information sources, but my connections don’t extend to the rarefied empyrean realm where dwell the great pundits and thinkers of our time. My lines of communication are almost entirely horizontal, thus providing a fairly reliable gauge of the frustration and pent-up fury felt by ordinary people throughout the Western world.

The elite oligarchs have deliberately eliminated alternative opinions from their lofty eyries, and they suppress the expression of public dissent whenever possible. This is a fatal error. It’s similar to the one made by Stalin regarding Hitler’s intentions on the western borders of the U.S.S.R.: by closing off all but permitted opinions, he denied himself full intelligence about what was really happening.

For another Soviet analogy, consider the completely bogus statistics for industrial and agricultural production cooked up by middle-level commissars in order to satisfy the demands of the Central Committee. The communist system refused to allow negative or embarrassing information to be propagated, so that factory and kolkhoz managers just made the statistics up, and coped with the resulting shortages and chaos as best they could. After about 1929, the Politburo could no longer obtain accurate economic statistics about what went on internally within the U.S.S.R. They were flying blind right up until the day their immense jury-rigged machine crashed and burned.

The same thing is occurring amongst the trans-nationalist oligarchs who run our current system. They really don’t know what is going on below the upper levels, because they have systematically excluded accurate and complete information, exerting their control through a combination of political correctness and fiscal authority.

There they sit in the leafy crown of the tree, having pulled up the ladder to ensure that no one threatens them on their exalted perch. They don’t realize that even now an axe has been taken to the roots far below.

The occasional shiver felt through the top of the trunk makes them a bit nervous, but they soldier on regardless. The sudden plunge which awaits them will come as a complete surprise.

Who knew?
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