The Art of Strategic Citizenship

Takuan Seiyo returns with an incisive essay about the multiculti mess we have gotten ourselves into, and includes an outline of the insights required to get us out of it.


The Art of Strategic Citizenship
by Takuan Seiyo

Consider the judo throw.

First, it’s hazushi. Subtly, you test your opponent in small, almost imperceptible actions: a touch here, a tiny pull there. You watch his moves, reflexes and recovery ability. You bide your time, looking for the opening. Your intuition is at work here, not your strength or technique. When the right moment comes, you convert the opponent’s slightest error into tipping him off balance.

Then, it’s tsukuri. That is when preparedness meets opportunity. You now have to have acquired the skill and the speed to convert your opponent’s momentary imbalance into control of his momentum. Using techniques involving pulling, tripping, twisting, spinning, hoisting, you now load the opponent for the throw.

Lastly, you apply the kinetic energy equation you have built. The opponent is at your mercy now; it’s up to you whether to kill or just to give him a tumble. You throw accordingly. That is kake.

And that is the mechanics of Reality. Whatever one thinks of the ways of the world, however ideal one’s plans for improving upon gravity, it’s useless unless one has a death wish. The master judoka2 must respect the laws of physics. So must all men in order to protect themselves from the grappling arts of political foes — above all their own government and the ruling elite’s values it embodies.

Consider now the testicular hold that America’s Transportation Security Agency has on you. Since the off-balancing and loading stages were executed years ago with little opposition, your opponent has all the choices now. His current array of kake is that you expose your privates to pornexrays, or to groping and searching, or to jail and a fine of $11,000.

You were hoisted already in the first term of Dubya “Miss me yet” Bush. Instead of addressing the real causes of the 9/11 terror attack, i.e. the fanatical nature of Islam, the ill-advised flow of Muslims to the United States, the corrupted functioning of PC-obsessed CIA and FBI, the Bush Administration just threw enormous gobs of money at the misidentified problems which it deliberately disassociated from the Muslim presence in the West.

They built a giant new bureaucracy, DHS [Number of employees: 200,000+, Primary mission: “Diversity”]. Between 2002 and 2009, federal funding for homeland security increased by 259%, from $19.5 billion to $70 billion3. Much of that for salaries to people who confiscate toothpaste and breast milk at America’s 450 commercial airports, or who host receptions to celebrate Ramadan.

In addition to the direct costs, indirect costs of this to the economy have been over $4 billion a year.

The time for swatting your opponent’s hands grabbing you for a throw was between November 2001 and November 2002. It was then that the TSA and DHS behemoths were created. By now, the Bushbama regime has left you with just the option of not flying if you wish to live free.

The TSA theater of insanity now on stage nationwide eschews the real objects of its pursuit in order to chase after their trailing shadow. By the time they have seized the shadow, the foe is ahead of them and doing something else. They ban little old ladies’ nail files because of terrorists’ box cutters, but the terrorists have already moved on to flammable liquids. Wise to flammable liquids, they stand the world’s travelling population in a long supplicants’ line with little shampoos in little nylon baggies — but the terrorists have already moved on to exploding underpants. When they have spent billions to peek or feel under everyone’s underpants, the terrorists will have already moved on to anal suppositories. By the time they stick a probe into every flying anus, the terrorists have already moved on to buses and trains. When they have “secured” buses and trains, Allah’s troops will have already moved to department stores and exploding private cars.

To protect against terrorists you have to define them truthfully. You have to stop importing the entire socio-cultural category that fits the definition. Those already imported are readily containable when you have stopped lying as to who they are. What we have in place instead is a system to enslave the citizenry of the United States under the yoke of their own government. The terrorists have won, as advised recently in a caption below this photo:

Nun Search
The terrorists have won

This is a symbolic apotheosis of Multiamerica demented: a federal authority empowering a Newamerican Muslim woman in a Muslim headtowel and uniform of a TSA cop to search a White Oldamerican Catholic nun for Muslim terrorist weapons that we refuse to link to Muslims. A TSA that employs illegal aliens to protect Americans from terrorism by illegal aliens (legal ones too), and deploys rapists (here and here) to search for PETN in the body crevices of Mormon girls. But if you find it objectionable, you are 45 years late.

The hazushi was applied to you already in 1965. The new Immigration Act cut off the vital link between America’s land and history and the people who had settled that land and made its history. Later, it became “racist” to speak of such a link, as though Reality could be altered by lying about it. Try to repopulate Thailand with Scots and Slovaks and see whether what results is still Thailand. Why would anyone think that it’s different for America?

The tsukuri followed in 1978 when Justice Lewis Powell found in Alan Bakke’s anti-affirmative action lawsuit that reverse racism conferred a putative benefit of “diversity” that it was the government’s compelling interest to protect. The final stage, the lethal throw, was sometime between Bakke et al. and that eternal shame in 2009 when a Newamerican Palestinian terrorist in U.S. Army major’s uniform mowed down 13 American soldiers and wounded 30 while chanting Allahu akhbar, and the Army’s top general said that it would be a greater tragedy if our diversity becomes a casualty of this.

Since 1965, the ruling elite has been smashing America’s social capital and its future in a giant centrifuge of nondiscriminative Third World immigration. Since 1978, diversity has been proclaimed America’s strength the way ignorance was knowledge in George Orwell’s Oceania. They always invent ex post facto slogans to cover up for their disastrous mistakes and miscalculations.

So where were a million citizens marching in 1965 to protest a national suicide act that even then wise men like Senator Sam Ervin pegged correctly? Where were they in 1978 when the Supreme Court found a back door for sneaking in official racism? Multiamerica was a babe in the woods then. Now it’s a hulking hobgoblin.

America’s air transportation system could have been made secure effectively, at a fraction of the cost and without the annoyance, humiliation and devastating time waste imposed on America’s population (and the world’s, really), had our ruling mythology, to which all political factions subscribe equally, permitted for inconveniencing a few million profiled individuals instead. The profiling would have to select young Muslims of Third World origin for special scrutiny, but race-neutral psychological profiling would have to be just as important. All that has been applied with outstanding success by the most jeopardized and safest airline in the world, El-Al, for years.

Lawrence Auster pointed out the reason why the profiling approach cannot be implemented in the United States: a proper verbal screening of passengers in the Israeli style requires a high degree of intelligence and training. That requires a selective hiring process as a result of which almost all Black (mean IQ 85) and Hispanic (mean IQ 89) applicants would have to be rejected. The resulting White (mean IQ 100) cadre would be challenged in the courts as evidence of “racism.” The suicidal “Disparate Impact” doctrine imposed on America by a legal system run amok — in this respect since 1971 (Griggs v. Duke Power Co.) — would overturn the hiring procedures and turn the entire endeavor into the same sordid parody that it has forced already on much else of what remains of America.

Everything you touch in Newamerica requires that you acquire an understanding of a quantum process by which a seized finger has become an elbow, then a whole arm, and then goodbye land of the free. Such a cognitive-historical thread will lead from the current state of having already been thrown and subdued, to understanding the necessary precedent stages of having been loaded for the throw and, before that, what seemed like light play when you still could have swatted off the grasping hands before they locked onto you4.

One takes defensive action when one’s lapel is being grabbed, not when one is already hurtling heels over head through the air. If one fails to be vigilant what results is a 1964 Civil Rights Act to secure for Blacks a deserved equality of opportunities, evolving into the tripping and hoisting of America’s White majority onto the shoulder of institutionalized reverse discrimination, and ending 46 years later in an oppressive racist regime that uses the US Department of Justice to disfranchise Whites of their civil rights, loots the taxpayer in a wholesale transfer of wealth from the White to the not so, and guarantees to “minorities” an equality of outcomes, and not just opportunities.

The lists of outrages is replenished daily, yet there is not a single elected politician, MSM journalist or pundit who as much as mentions it. The latest gambit is the Senate’s PC grift of $1.2 billion for black farmers who say they suffered discrimination by the U.S. Agriculture Department.

PJ Media’s “Zombie” asked the essential question: “If there are only 39,697 African-American farmers grand total in the entire country, then how can over 86,000 [Note: it’s over 96,000] of them claim discrimination at the hands of the USDA? Where did the other 46,303 [56,303] come from?”

Zombie failed to provide an answer — too dangerous — but the blog “Stuff Black People Don’t Like” went into more details, starting from this framing:

“One of the great powers bestowed to Black people in Black Run America (BRA) is the ability to sue virtually any company or corporation for discrimination (real or imagined) and receive significant restitution in the form of monetary payments, commitments to greater Black employment opportunities and an increase in the audacity of future Black plaintiff’s intent on capitalizing on their Blackness for capital gain at the expense of a country and legal system swimming in the lucrative waters of white guilt. [snip] Black people have taken America hostage and every list of demands Black people produce [snip] is greeted with a groveling complicity from white people merely to deflect away the dreaded “racism” charge. [snip] The burden of proof always falls upon white in Black Run America, because all white people are inherently racist in the eyes of the legal system.”

The author is wrong in ascribing to Blacks culpability for the “hostage” situation, as it stems from the neurotic cowardice of the White hostages themselves. Even the most freedom-minded faction in American politics — the Tea Party — is a congress of babbling cowards when it comes to the minoritarian tyranny destroying their country. A few “racism” concussion grenades from the professionally Black, an article or two decrying the “nativist bigotry” of “teabaggers,” and Glenn Beck weeps on his knees, white “rebels” post photos of themselves next to Blacks with captions “Do we look racist?”, and anti-illegal immigration activists are disinvited to Tea Party parties.

There is a small number of truthful Afro-Americans who boldly go where Whites fear to tread. In politics, Allen West is a living antithesis of Obama. There is Elizabeth Wright, who sees her country as a woeful Carnival of Repentance. The Reverend James Manning out in Harlem routinely rains hail and brimstone on [what I call] the Black kleptocratic kakistocracy [kakistocracy= rule of the worst]. There are the perceptive media pundits like Larry Elder and Deroy Murdock whose blackness is a cosmetic trifle, not an operating system. Dr. Walter Williams, Dr. Thomas Sowell, Dr. Carol Swain routinely get a correct azimuth reading on the racial topography of America. And these are real PhDs, not the kind of “Doctor” of plagiarized fluff that the masticators of Progressive hashish have welded to the name “Martin Luther King.”

The scary statistics of the nonwhite minorities’ 90%+ purchase on violent crime get some sober attention even from black commentators (e.g. “The color of murder and gun violence in New York” by Jonathan Capehart). Yet in city after city, black and Hispanic tribals attack the police for its “disproportionate” attention to their kinsmen, and not one public figure stands up to attack the attackers with facts, statistics and questions concerning their own preying on an allegedly “post-racial” society in order to further their racial tribes by loud manipulative malarkey.

When one looks at the constant, groveling retreat of White America, its meek swatting at silly Pavlovian agitprop props pleating “White” “Racist” and “Justice” into preposterous cudgels of swift mugging and pocket picking, the Eastern concept of defense-as-offense comes to mind. Sun Tzu (The Art of War, 6h century BC), Takuan Soho (Divine Record of Immutable Wisdom, about 1630), Yagyu Munenori (The [Yagyu] Family Book of Swordsmanship, 1632] and Miyamoto Musashi (The Book of Five Rings, 1645) are among the better known Eastern sages who have written about this. Moreover, it’s evinced in the basic moves of widely practiced sword-related arts such as kendo and aikido. Their basic stance is the ken-tai: the body in an attack stance but the mind holding back, impassive. The strategist does not initiate aggression, but when subjected to it profits from the attacker’s momentum to respond in kind, devastatingly.

The basic move for evading and attacking the attacker is the irimi, entering. In the instant when an aggressor’s sword or fist starts moving toward you, you take an evasive action and in one continuity step forward into the foe’s close personal space, to attack and defeat him. The apotheosis of this tactic is in the “sword-of-no-sword” (muto) technique at the highest level of Japanese swordsmanship. It allows an unarmed adept to evade a whooshing blade and take the sword away from the attacker. Here is a rare example of the correct application of muto in verbal form, in the parliament of a country crippled by the typical Western junta of multiculti morons.

Let’s look at the travesty of the howls of “racism” whenever the subject of group IQ differences is broached. This is not the “controversial” issue that it’s routinely proclaimed to be. The thinking work on it has been going on for 300 years. It has engaged from the outset all-time greatest brains such as Montesquieu, Linnaeus, David Hume, Francis Galton. The proposition has been proven in hundreds of peer-reviewed empirical studies going back 100 years. Dozens of brilliant books are in print on the subject and a half dozen brilliant websites exist. The layperson need not even read specialist literature or decipher calculus equations, for such writers as Steve Sailer and Razib Khan have pre-digested and posted this knowledge on the Internet.

Gnostic Progressives5 are able to attack the concept of the IQ Bell Curve (e.g. see “Barack Obama on The Bell Curve”) and hijack Reality with terrible consequences for the rest of society because their every assault is met with the victims’ capitulation and flight from the arena of combat. Yet this particular redoubt is so easy to defend. For instance, assertion of mean IQ group differences does not equal a denial of high intelligence that individual “people of color” may possess. The trivial fact that two of the world’s five tallest men and the tallest NBA player are Chinese does not disprove the “racist” fact that the average Chinese male stands 5’6”.

This is not an issue to be brushed off as superfluous “divisiveness.” It’s an issue on which America’s destiny was staked — and forfeited. Trillions of dollars have been looted from compliant taxpayers to “improve test scores” and “close the achievement gap” for students whose gap is immanent and unclosable. The Washington DC school district spends over $16,000 per pupil annually, by official statistics, and $24,600 per more honest calculations by Cato Institute’s Andrew Coulson. That is the highest per-pupil expenditure in the Milky Way Galaxy, yet District of Columbia Public Schools has the worst performing schoolsof all 50+1 ranked states.

Every year it’s debated again how to close the achievement gap, without touching on anything remotely connected to the actual reasons for the gap. New expenditures are proposed, more school bonds are loaded onto the local population, further federal grants dent the taxpayer’s pocket. It’s all wasted, mostly on loot for school administrators and union members. The looters assert that more loot for more looters means less “gap” for the pupils.

Alas, Reality’s law is that it takes an IQ of 100 to master the unfaked K-12 curriculum, such as still exists in self-respecting countries like Switzerland or Singapore. Even for Whites, only half are equipped to graduate from a real high school. In a place like Washington DC, only one in five pupils is so equipped, for over 90% of them are Black, Hispanic or Polynesian, hence sub-90 in mean IQ. A law entitled “No Child Left Behind” would be an act of egregious blasphemy even in an atheist universe.

Retaining at the taxpayer’s teat hordes of the unteaching and lavishing laptops on the unteachable is a criminal pyre of the nation’s wealth. The underperformers should be weeded out and steered to vocational schools. Moreover, in a sane society a competent, productive mechanical harvester operator would garner more in social esteem and wages than a B.A. in Chicano Feminism could. Post-Reality America, however, no longer needs productive vocations. It has outsourced all that to China on the premise that it will thrive anyway on imported tax eaters, new Ponzi schemes, condo flipping and, if that fails, burger flipping.

Poland spends $3000 per K-12 pupil per annum (9000 PLN, 2008). Yet in the 2009 PISA ranking of 15-year-olds, among the 34 OECD countries the Poles were 13th in Science versus the United States’ 17th, 19th in Math versus the U.S.’s 25th, and 12th in Reading Literacy versus the U.S.’s 24th. Since the average U.S. school district’s expenditure per pupil is over $12,000 annually, and the worst-rated Washington DC platinum-plated system lavishes $24,600 for 1/8th the bang of Polish K-12 education, American taxpayers might start suspecting that the extravagant, ever-increasing torching of their wealth and their nation’s future on the altar of “closing the gap” is based on evil lies. Seeing as other relatively poor — in dollars, debauchery and “diversity” — Eastern European countries like Estonia and Slovenia also beat the U.S. in the PISA rankings might provide a clue. But no, the American citizen cowers and pays up, for that line of inquiry would involve Thought Crimes.

It’s not that ammunition is lacking for the seeker. Robert Weissberg and Peter Brimelow have written eye-opening books on the lying travesty of American education. But even the “rebels” — e.g. Tea Party — have no heart to master the moves that would be required to enter this close to the foe’s flailing fists in order to win this fight.

Similar surrender enables more madness in further systems of racial fakery like Affirmative Action, Open Borders and other methods of streaming sub-90 IQ people to replace a population of 100 IQ people, and then selecting the 100+ IQ fraction of the sub-90 IQ people for jobs previously held by the 115+ IQ fraction of the erstwhile autochthon majority.

In terms of engineering a Western nation’s fate demographically, a set of laws boils down to a 0.76% decline of Per capita GDP with each 1% increase in Third World immigrant population. By 2050, America’s immigration policy will have reduced its per capita GDP to 86.8% of its 2004 value. And that does not reckon with cultural and security effects that have negative economic ramifications as well.

But even that is not the full measure of it. The self-imposed demographic hobble weighs down on top of other hobbles invented by the ruling oligarchy. For New World Order and Global Economy are American-built toyblock edifices built on a solipsistic quicksand of presumed laissez faire, win-win cooperation, and commonality of values. In the obstinately un-Progressive Reality, however, America’s trade partners are mercantilist competitors who pursue their national interest with clever tactics aiming at victory. And America’s foes like North Korea or geopolitical power contenders like China or Russia have use for all the “global” gobbledygook only to the extent that the scorpion found it useful to hitch a ride on the back of the frog.

America’s mistaken belief that it can afford to indulge in the faking of Reality for the sake of “racial justice,” social justice” and so on results in a ruling elite chosen for its skin-color and phallic orientation, with only a secondary regard for brainpower and true accomplishment. This builds a leadership cadre largely recruited from the 100+ IQ segment of the population (Racial minorities’ average + 1 sigma) that steers the United States in a contest against China’s power elite comprising the brightest winners of a Mandarin selection from a potential pool of 30.3-million candidates endowed with an IQ of 129+ (assuming population 1.33 billion, mean IQ =103, sigma= 13).

While the American ruling elite has employed clever tactics to trip up its own citizenry, it has proved singularly dense and tactically maladroit in its dealings with China, North Korea and various Islamo-fanatic countries where wiliness honed over thousands of years imbues an aggressive, expansionist ideology. Of those, China is the most important but we must desist, for even a sketchy analysis of the tactics China has deployed in its contest versus America’s credulity-defying decades of dumb moves would double the length of this essay.

It suffices to mention that the Chinese culture has a rich lore of tactics not merely for combat but for taking advantage of the other side in any kind of situation. Just one compendium, The 36 Stratagems, includes tactics with names like “Hide a knife behind a smile,” “Catch a fish while the water is disturbed” and “Take the opportunity to pilfer a goat.” America has been clueless, besides complaining about China’s artificially low dollar exchange rates 32 years after China installed that transparently off-balancing device of economic hazushi. That’s like the woman in a dark theater saying to the stranger sitting next to her: “For 45 minutes you have been taking advantage of me and feeling me up. Stop that!”

Another area we must skim over is how the Wall Street-Washington alliance amounts to another chokehold on the citizen. The banksters throttle the people in a frontal grip while simultaneously holding up an oxygen credit tube sneaking into the victim’s trachea to keep him alive. The corruptocrats ease the throttling quantitatively and qualitatively. Locked onto the victim’s neck in a blood-sucking love bite, they return some of the blood via IV drip lines stuck into the wrong peripheral veins by ideological fiat, while mainlining much of it to the banksters so that the choking may continue.

An Eastern tactical concept that’s useful to adopt in this situation addresses a crushing alliance of two vectors against one. That is the situation of middle class America now, and double so. What it got from the GOP is the economic vampire throttle. What it got from the Democrats (and GOP liberals) is a grip in a demographic vise whose jaws are made of the ruling elite and the bottom class, with the former boosting the torque by continuously importing and bribing great numbers of the latter. Steve Sailer expressed this as both tails of the IQ Bell Curve waging war on the middle.

The focus of the counter-tactic, what German strategists call schwerpunkt, must be in the middle between the crushing vectors, followed by a quick escape from the grip. That is Sun Tzu’s “next best” that he illustrates as “drive a wedge between the enemy’s front and rear.”

It’s only the second best because the best, according to Sun Tzu, would have been “to prevent the junction of the enemy’s forces.” Here we are back to the off-balancing, loading and throwing sequence of judo. The citizen is in a crushing hold now because he has failed to prevent the offsetting tugs at the outset.

With respect to the financial-monetary vampirism, a massive rejection of the Johnson-era “guns and butter” lunacy and the resulting Nixon abolition of the gold standard would have prevented Sun Tzu’s “junction.” Failing that, a fierce resistance could have foiled the “hoisting” stage. That would have been the Fed’s currency debasement moves since 1987 and acts of such reckless malfeasance by the corruptocracy as its repeal of the Glass-Steagall Act in 1999. Failing that, massive disparagement should have defeated a repeat of Johnson’s “guns and butter” lunacy by Bush 43. Didn’t happen.

With respect to being caught in the Progressive double envelopment of Minoritarian Tyranny on one side and Open Borders on the other, that boat sailed in 1964 -1965. At least fierce resistance should have been mounted to all the egregious laws and regulations that have installed a racist reverse-discrimination system since 1971 and to all Illegal Alien amnesties since 1987. It is then that towering citizen outrage should have congealed into a popular Tea Party. Now that tea is contained in an ironclad kettle. And it’s still too weak.

At this time, two pairs of powerful hands and one set of jaws are locked onto the citizen’s neck. The only hope of survival is to try to separate the clamping devices from each other. In jujitsu, it’s called momiji hazushi — “the red maple escape.” You break a chokehold with the unstoppable force of a maple tree pushing upward between the strangling hands — like this.

You have to raise the red maple tree between the banksters and the corruptocrats, between the multiculti plutocrats and their peon client class of bought voters, urban janissaries, and zinnfandel6 unionistas. How to do it using strategic thinking and peaceful tactics is a topic for another day.

Takuan Seiyo is the pen-name of a Euro-American refugee from Mexifornia now living in Japan. Mr. Seiyo quit a long executive career in international media in order to write about the accelerating Fall of the West.


1. The graphic symbol above the title is called Tomoe, meaning ‘Circular.’ It is a symbol of the energy dynamics in the Japanese martial arts, and visualizes a famous jujitsu throw, tomoe nage.
2. Judo — “the way of softness,” is the grappling sport developed from a partial inventory of the non-lethal holds, throws and pins contained in the ancient and lethal martial art of jujitsu. Judoka = practitioner of judo
3. Figures taken from Dr. Veronique de Rugy’s “Applying Strategic Risk Management to Allocating Resources for Homeland Security: A Case Example of Port Security”, p.43.
4. The Far Left has of course always had a strategic vision with an array of suitable tactics, distilled to their essence by the Clinton/Obama mentor, Saul Alinsky. See Kyle-Anne Shiver’s “Obama’s Alinsky Jujitsu.”. What I find more worrisome is that the Center Right has also been a practitioner, though far more clumsy and self-defeating.
5. For a discussion of the term “gnostic” relative to modern liberal ideology, see this author’s “Rejecting Decoherence” in The Brussels Journal.
6. This intentional misspelling is an allusion to the Hispanics’ prominent role in both agri-labor (including zinfandel grape-picking) and in socialist “community organizing,” signified by the name of a prominent American socialist, Howard Zinn.

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