Angry, But No Longer Alone

As part of an excellent comment on last night’s post about the EDL, Nilk left a link to an article about a small skirmish in the War Against Christmas in Australia.

I’ll talk about Nilk’s comment, but first take a look at these excerpts from a story in The Herald-Sun:

Saint Nick sacked from Victorian pre-school so not to offend religious groups

THERE’S no holly in the halls, and Santa has been sacked.

Christmas is out at a Victorian kindergarten, which is tiptoeing around any mention of the religious holiday.

Santa and his sleigh don’t get a look in at Montessori Marvels Preschool in Greenvale which is striving to be everything to everybody.

Children celebrate with an end-of-year party rather than a Christmas party and will part for the holidays wishing each other “Happy New Year”.

Premier Ted Baillieu has warned Victorians not to let political correctness ruin Christmas with some schools and community groups imposing yuletide bans in recent years.

But the centre is not budging, saying it is abiding by Montessori’s philosophy to be inclusive of all religious and cultural groups.

“We are just trying to take an open approach to the holiday season,” said spokeswoman Marlene Guclu, herself a Christian.

“We run a non-denominational, non-religious program.”

One parent is upset by what she said was effectively a Christmas ban.

The woman, called Anna, rang up radio station 3AW to complain about a kinder in Greenvale, which she did not name.

“My son is getting really frustrated because I’m singing one song, and he’s singing the other,” she said.

“They sing carols but they change the words.


Ethnic Communities Council of Victoria chairman Sam Afra said it could be a positive move if they were seeking to include all faiths in celebrating the festive season.

“If they are trying to do the right thing for everyone, we don’t want to take that out of context,” he said.

“Different people coming around the table now saying maybe we should look at interfaith. I would like to encourage more debate, and to be more mature about our debate, where we are more understanding and respect each other.”

Notice that in order to be “inclusive”, a particular group of people — believing Christians — has to excluded from celebrating its own particular branch of diversity. That’s the way it works in our multicultural Brave New World — it’s truly Orwellian, if I may mix my literary references.

War is Peace. Freedom is Slavery.

But Nilk is not giving an inch to the PC/MC forces in her corner of Melbournistan. Here’s what she said:
The middle classes are waking up, but are often paralysed by fear.

Fear of the government, fear of those who are prepared to fight, and fear of the enemy.

They are especially frightened to even speak aloud.

This evening, my girl and I had a brief walk around out neighbourhood looking at the Christmas lights. A woman on a pushbike spoke up and said, “I don’t care if the Muslims get offended by Christmas, I’m glad people are celebrating it.”

She was upset after this news item [the article excerpted above] as well as the local swimming pool (Dandenong Oasis) having Muslim only sessions.

She was angry, but alone. What can one person do?

I gave her my card, and my email, and let her know she’s not alone, and she’s not imagining things, and it’s okay to be angry.

She may be one person, but so am I, so are the readers here, and so are many, many others who don’t read blogs but still read the signs.

Anybody who can read the signs should take his cue from Nilk.

The horrors that have been imposed upon us will not be changed by our corrupt and cowardly political leaders.

Change will not originate with the release of a white paper by some think tank or university study group.

The mainstream media will not be a force for change, and will not report any news about change when it finally begins to appear.

The world can only be changed one mind at a time. Real change comes slowly and quietly, a barely visible swell in the ocean of political events, which grows imperceptibly, unnoticed until the tsunami comes ashore.

Real change comes about through people like Nilk, ordinary folk acting in their own neighborhoods against an oppression that is being imposed upon them from above. People with small children, who perhaps pause for a moment to become aware of the nature of the world their descendants will inherit if they fail to act.

And thousands of people, perhaps millions, are changing their minds. It just doesn’t make the evening news.

It all begins — exactly as it did in the Communist Bloc — when ordinary citizens cease believing the official lies.

Then they start to communicate with each other. If they display their heretical opinions publicly, they face ostracism, humiliation, legal action, and financial ruin. Thus their ideas have to travel by word of mouth and through pseudonymous internet contacts, the Western samizdat of the 21st century.

Next they act. Then the real transformation begins.

You will know changes soon.
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