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MegaMind Full Review :The Story
Megamind (Will Ferrell) and Metro Man (Brad Pitt) are just babies when their planets are destroyed, with the pair sent hurtling to earth by their fast-thinking parents. And while Metro Man is lucky enough to be raised by an extremely wealthy couple, Megamind, having landed in a prison yard, is quickly adopted by an entire building full of criminal geniuses. Years later, Megamind and Metro Man are engaged in an ongoing battle for control over Metro City – with Megamind’s complex and over-the-top efforts consistently foiled by his heroic nemesis.

One day, however, Megamind successfully defeats Metro Man – though his jubilation proves to be short lived. Megamind finds himself lost and without a purpose now that his foe has been vanquished, and it’s not long before the blue-skinned supervillain hatches an idea to create a new hero to take Metro Man’s place. Meanwhile, intrepid reporter Roxanne Ritchi (Tina Fey), along with her cameraman sidekick, Hal (Jonah Hill), attempts to get to the bottom of Megamind’s sudden turn for the good, and she eventually finds herself falling for a bookish museum employee (Ben Stiller’s Bernard).

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