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Huduga Hudugi Full Cast n Crew
Rating: 2/5
Cast: Dhyan, Sada, Lekha Washington, Sharan, Pramod Hegde, Rekha, Ramakrishna - Ileana, Sanjana, Biaenca Desai and Indrajith Lankesh guest appearance
Music: Joshua Sridhar
Cinematography: Gundulpet Suresh
Producer: Sandesh Nagaraj
Story, Screenplay, Direction: Indrajith Lankesh


It is a very ordinary story with no regular jerks in the narration. Sachin (Dhyan) a television channel anchor is known for his style and attractive measures. The opponent channel anchor Sonia (Lekha Washington) is asked to join Sachin in getting more knowledge and trick. This is what Sonia dislikes. But it is inevitable for Sonia to join Sachin in hosting programs. It is when Sonia is depressed because she is not able to suit the boy her parents have selected the intelligence of Sachin works out. The ordinary looking Sonia turns ultra modern and obviously Raj Deshpande (Pramod Hegde) takes liking to Sonia. As the days pass Sonis finds the aristocratic style of Raj Deshpande is overburden in leading the life. When Sonia comes again to Sachin it is time for Sachin to narrate his tale of woes.

The film goes to a flash back. Sachin grooming up middle class girl Sada to become a doctor is in fact ditched. Sada after becoming a doctor takes a liking to suit her status.Before the curtains down Sachin and Sonia decide to become life partners. In the tale of two woes sizzling girls Ileana, Biaenca Desai come and go in a dance number.
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