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The Story:
Peter Highman is a well-dressed, uptight architect who needs to return home to LA in order to be present at the birth of his first child. Peter knows it will happen in just a couple of days because he and his wife, Sarah (Michelle Monaghan), have scheduled the birth by cesarean section.

Ethan Tremblay is a wannabe actor, a man-child carrying his dead father's ashes in a coffee can. Ethan wants to get to Hollywood (not Los Angeles, as he stresses to Peter), has a packet full of head shots and unbridled optimism about his chances for a career in the entertainment world.

Under normal circumstances, Peter and Ethan would never meet. But they do, and that sets in motion a chain of events that could only happen in a road trip comedy. Ethan and Peter's vehicles run into each other outside the airport, their baggage gets mixed up, the words 'bomb' and 'terrorist' are uttered on a plane, and voila! Peter and Ethan are both placed on the no-fly list by an unforgiving TSA agent (Matt Walsh) who suggests that if Forrest Gump could make his way cross country, then Peter's sure to be able to handle the logistics.However, Peter doesn't have his luggage and has lost his wallet thus making it impossible to rent a car. Ethan's got a limited amount of money and no social skills but a big heart, so he offers the unfriendly architect a ride to California.

Now Peter, he doesn't just dislike Ethan, he hates him. He hates his clothes, his dog, his perm, hates the questions he asks, and is not supportive at all of Ethan's career choice. Ethan accepts that Peter is basically a massive jerk but tries to get along with him anyway. Did I mention Ethan's a little off and is barely able to function without someone reminding him to use the toilet?As they make their way toward the West Coast, Peter and Ethan go through a series of trials and tribulations - purchasing pot, launching their car off a freeway overpass, making a wrong turn into Mexico - before finally realizing they might just be friends. Just like you knew they would figure out from the get-go.

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