The Three Kangaroos

Kangaroo boxer

Expanding on what what H. Numan said last night, our Flemish correspondent VH adds some more details about the blatant bias of the judges in the new kangaroo court that will re-try Geert Wilders:

And now it seems, apart from senior judge G.P.C. Janssen and chairman A.A.M. van Oosten, Miss Boeree is also controversial:

The youngest judge, Ms. J.C. Boeree, is not only a judge in the Immigration section of the Amsterdam Court, but also teaches “Immigration law for criminal lawyers” together with Mr. M.F. Wijngaarden, of the law firm Böhler, Franken, Koppe, Wijngaarden, the same law firm as the lawyers for the complainants, Ties Prakken and Michiel Pestman. [source HVV]

A “banana kingdom” it is, the Netherlands…
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