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Chiru cast n crew
Star Cast : Chiranjeevi Sarja, Kruthi Kharbanda, Rangayana Raghu,Kiran and others
Director : Mahesh Babu
Producer : Suresh Jain
Release Date : 19 Nov 2010
Genre: Romance
Language: Kannada

Chiru Kannada Movie Review.

No doubt it is a film for the family but the snail pace first half is understandable by the audience shows director Mahesh Babu has not worked to keep the audience guessing. In the second half he loads with all the developments and stops at the railway station.The first half is terrible and second half is passable because of lovely songs and the beauty called Kriti Kharbanda, action of Chiranjeevi Saraja plus Rangayana Raghu emotional scenes and two lovely tunes from Giridhar and immaculate job from cameraman Sundaranath Suvarna.

The disenchanted youth from birth is Chiru (Chiranjeevi Sarja). He is an orphan and grows up with good deeds in life. The bad luck haunts him every time he wants to keep away from Madhu (Kriti Kharbanda). Madhu has a fiancé Dilip (Kiran). Both are not courageous to convince their parents on their marriage. Kriti daughter of Home Minister is seen with Chiru on a few occasions after becoming a friend in a disco jaunt. The PA (Bullet Prakash) to Home Minister (Rangayana Raghu) is given the task to trace the identity of the boy who is behind Madhu. When the meeting is quite often between Chiru and Madhu accidentally the PA to Home Minister troubles him. When Madhu is handed over to PA to Home Minister at this point Madhu pretend as lover to Chiru that further increases the problem for Chiru.

Putting down the goons who come to take away Madhu the macho youngster decide to unite Madhu with Dilip. When Dilip is about to tie the nuptial knot to Madhu it is time for Dilip to disagree with this match because he is coward. I cannot take on the Home Minister henchmen and lead a life he says.Chiru uses his brain and telephone the Home Minister and say that his daughter is in love with an IAS officer. Chiru is asked to bring both of them so that the grand marriage could be held.

Things go twisted and Madhu feels Chiru is her choice for life. Chiru by this time has developed lot of intimacy to Madhu. Finally it is as expected.Chiranjeevi Saraja the long shot hero of Kannada cinema has to improve in his dialogues. He is impressive in action but how come he has so much of strength – there should have been some justification to it.Kriti Kharbanda is very pretty and her expressions are good. She has tremendous features and future too.From the regular ruts of Rangayana Raghu we see a change in the role that is convincing from him.

Giridhar has given outstanding work in the music. Three are lovely and good in lyrical strength. The songs are well placed too. Ille elle Nalle… is very catchy and Kriti is very beautiful in a few sarees.Sundaranath Suvarana is flawless. He has kept the camera at right places and angles he has shown are pretty good.Worth a dekko!

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