The Crimes of the Turkish Cypriots

The following report came in a press release from Cyprus Action Network. It concerns a debate about the partition of Cyprus, and the illegal Turkish actions that keep the island divided.

British Members of Parliament speak like Kyrenian Refugees

On Tuesday the 16 November 2010 an emergency meeting took place in the House of Commons in London with Cyprus as its item.

At the same time president Christofias is travelling to New York, when Sir David Hannay attempts a comeback to the scene with statements through Arab TV station Al Jazira calling upon the Greek Cypriots to accept his rejected monstrosity so called “Annan Plan“ (with some modifications he says), British Members of Parliament debate in depth the Cyprus issue in the House of Commons and speak with a Kyrenian refugee voice! They hammer Turkey head on, and the Turkish Cypriots for their myths, crimes, destruction and desecration of occupied Churches and cemeteries, cultural heritage, for barbarism and huge violations of human rights, the case of the missing people, the need for all Turkish invading troops to withdraw, for the settlers to withdraw and the return of Greek Cypriot refugees to their stolen land and properties and many more…

The MPs have criticized heavily their colleague MP and ex Foreign and Commonwealth Secretary Jack Straw for his despicable article in The Times calling for partition and one even insinuated that he may have been “paid” to write it.

The British MPs spoke and called for all those things the Greek Cypriot refugees demand, only to be regarded by some of their own people as… racists and nationalists simply because they are an obstacle in the implementation of the racist bizonal bicommunal federation.

You are forwarded the full text of the House of Commons Hansard Report on the debate on the 16th November 2010 on Cyprus. The discussion starts from paragraph 212WH and finishes at paragraph 232WH.

Also you are forwarded the video link to watch the full debate as it took place in the House of Commons.

The Cyprus High Commissioner, Mr. Alexandros Zenon, was present at the debate, as was the new Minister for Europe Mr. David Lidignton.

PDF of Cyprus Debate

Thank you,

Fanoulla Argyrou, London , 18.11.2010
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