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I’ve often described the native inhabitants of Sweden as “persons of Swedish background”. This is not a joke — it’s an English translation of the official terminology employed by the Swedish state to describe the fair-skinned blue-eyed Swedish-speakers who made up all but a miniscule part of the Swedish population prior to 1970. What we used to call “Swedes” are now “persons of Swedish background”, just as Finns living in Sweden are “persons of Finnish background”, Somali immigrants are “persons of Somali background”, and so on.

This nomenclature is a deliberate attempt to subvert the basis of society itself by distorting the language to change the way Swedes think about themselves. The oligarchs who govern the European region formerly known as Sweden are certain that they have the moral justification and legal authority to create the perfect multicultural state. Singling out a specifically Swedish identity as essential to the culture and integral to the state is a sin against Multiculturalism, and must be suppressed. “Swedishness” itself is to be devalued and discounted.

To that end, the Swedish Parliament has voted to change the country’s constitution to reflect the new consensus. Since Parliament voted in favor of the change both before and after the latest general election, the revised constitution must now come into force in 2011. There is no going back.

To get an idea of the nature of the Brave New Constitution, we’ll take a look at a couple of media articles. First, from Stockholm News:

The Swedish constitution to be changed

The Swedish constitution will be changed next year. The final decision in the Riksdag will be made on Wednesday, but since almost 95 percent of the MPs will vote yes, it is only a formality.

To change the Swedish constitution you need two separate decisions in the Riksdag. Between the two decisions there need to be an election. However, since changes in the constitutions normally are the result of cross block border negotiations, it is difficult for the voters who are against the changes to do anything about it at the election that separates the two parliamentary votings.

All seven parties that had seats in the Riksdag last electoral period voted in favor of the changes in the first voting in June this year. Only the Sweden democrats, elected to parliament for the first time this September this year, will vote no in the second voting next week.

Some of the changes:

  • The Riksdag shall vote about the Prime Minister after every election. Today, if there is an unclear parliamentarian situation, the government can continue to govern and it is up to the opposition to call for a vote of no confidence and force them to resign.
  • The Swedish membership of the EU becomes a part of the constitution.
  • It will be written in the constitution that the ability of Sami- and other ethnical, linguistic and religious minorities to keep and develop their culture shall be promoted.
  • The current requirement regarding Swedish citizenship for some higher state positions is removed. One such position is the national prosecutor (riksåklagare) which might be held by non-citizens in the future. The requirement on Ministers to have been Swedish citizens for at least ten years is removed…. [emphasis added]

So the EU has been written into the constitution, foreigners may hold high office, and ethnic separateness will be officially promoted.

Ice News has more:

New Swedish constitution recognises Saami

The newly drafted Swedish constitution has declared that the Saami are no longer an ethnic minority but a fully-fledged people.

While the wording of the agreement sheds little light on the new implications for international law, most legal experts agree the move will theoretically strengthen the rights of the indigenous Saami.

Professor of international law, Ove Bring, told the media that the mere mention of the Swedish Saami as both a people and a minority under the constitution would be of major significance. “Traditionally, a people has a stronger right to autonomy that a minority,” said Bring. “A people have political rights, while an indigenous group has cultural rights.”

The issue has been a bone of contention since an earlier draft of the new Swedish constitution listed the Saami as an ‘ethnic minority’, triggering widespread condemnation from the country’s indigenous community, reports Siku News.

The choice of the Saami (or Lapps) as poster children for the Multicultural Utopia is no accident. The Saami have lived in Sweden for thousands of years, since before the ancestors of the Swedes arrived. They are non-militant, picturesque, and pose no threat to the political order. Who could object to the Saami?

The multicultural Trojan Horse has been painted in the likeness of a Saami family with reindeer and colorful costumes so that it may sneak in with all the Somalis, the Albanians, the Iraqis, the Afghans, and all the other barbaric Muslim peoples now arriving in Sweden by the tens of thousands. The Saami are being singled out for protection to help prevent any attempt to discredit the institutionalization of Sweden’s suicidal multicultural policies.

The main point, however, is that Sweden’s EU membership has become part of the Swedish constitution along with multiculturalism. That’s what the new text is about — affirming Sweden’s status as an officially multicultural EU member state.

As the Icelandic article says: “A people have political rights, while an indigenous group has cultural rights.”

Swedes, of course, have neither.

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Moderaterna (the Moderates) is the ruling party in Sweden, although it governs together with other center-right parties in a parliamentary coalition. Jimmie Åkesson and Kent Ekeroth, two leaders of the upstart anti-Islamization Sverigedemokraterna (the Sweden Democrats) recently wrote a debate article for SVD.

Moderaterna’s reply was telling:

“Vi ser stora fördelar med att öppna upp för utländska medborgare att ha samhällsbärande positioner.”

Translation: “We see great benefits to opening up for foreign citizens to have positions of power in society.”

In other words, they’re making it easier for immigrants to gain political power, and are stating it proudly and openly.

Welcome to the all-new multicultural Nordic paradise! We hope you enjoy celebrating diversity with us!

Oh yes, one more thing before we forget — a special reminder for persons of Swedish background:

Don’t forget to pay your taxes!

Hat tip: Reinhard.
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