Col. Allen West’s Victory Speech

The voters of Florida’s 22nd District have elected LTC (ret.) Allen West to represent them in Congress.

As regular readers know, Col. West is a staunch Counterjihad activist with up-close and personal experience of the Iraqi variant of the Great Jihad. When he arrives in Congress, he will ably represent what this blog and others like it stand for.

Col. West also supports other positions that Dymphna and I happen to approve of: fiscal restraint, small government, and a return to Constitutional governance. If only he lived in the 5th District of Virginia!

Below is a video of Allen West’s victory speech in Florida last night. You can barely see the Congressman-elect, but the audio is mostly clear:

These were the sentences with the greatest resonance for me:

I know who the enemy is out there, and I am not afraid of confronting that enemy.

And I am not afraid to make sure that this enemy knows that the United States of America believes [in] peace through strength. Peace through might.

We will no longer have a policy of compromise, negotiation, and appeasement with the enemy.


We will secure our borders…

Hat tip: Vlad Tepes.
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