Change is in the Air

The wind is shifting all across Europe. Fresh breezes are coming from different directions, bringing surprising changes:

  • Sverigedemokraterna in the Swedish Parliament
  • Minarets banned in Switzerland
  • Multiculturalism called into question in Germany
  • The postponement of the Geert Wilders case in the Netherlands, after having the Koran read into the trial record
  • Last weekend’s Counterjihad demonstration in Amsterdam, which drew massive media coverage
  • Burqa bans in a number of countries

A couple of articles just came in with further evidence of the new trends. The first is from the Dutch newspaper Dagelijkse Standaard, and was translated by our Flemish correspondent VH:

The right is peaceful, the left violent. A fact.

By Isser

Squatter scum, autonomists, anarchists, anti-globalists, so-called anti-fascists. All left-wing scum who do not eschew violence. There, exactly where the left always points to the extreme right, or extremist right, the reality proves to be different. Every sane person knows as much, except for the blindfolded part of our society. And, if there were any violence at all, then that was surely the result of disproportionate police action, or the provocative behavior of undercover agents in civilian clothing. This is the way the looking-away left reasons concerning its own violence.

The reality is different form the newspeak put out by, say, the Green Left. This is evident from the following two news bulletins:

In the Netherlands, the threat to the democratic legal order by the extreme right or right-wing extremism is minor. This is the conclusion of the AIVD [Dutch Security Service] in a report published Tuesday.[1]

“Damn it!” you hear the leftist part of the Netherlands think. But it gets even worse. Bomb after bomb explodes in Athens, or is intercepted and defused. The Dutch Embassy got off lightly, but the Swiss Embassy received the full brunt: a bomb exploded there [the Russian embassy and those of Belgium, Chile, Germany and Bulgaria received a letter bomb, and another for the Mexican Embassy exploded at a courier company]. The right wing is, even in Greece, too busy working, and thus it falls to the lazy leftist rabble to devise bombs to kill people with. Thus, the left:

One of the suspects, according to the Greek newspaper Kathimerini, has ties to the ultra-leftist group Conspiracy of Cells of Fire.

Typical left-wing. When they lack arguments, they resort to violence. Squatter scum, the “autonomous”, anarchists, anti-globalists, so-called anti-fascists — all may count on the sympathy of the Left. And now you know why.


[1] Link to AIVD article here [scroll down on that page to find a link to a pdf of the report]; quote from Elsevier: There are not many right-wing Dutch. The number was estimated in 2007 about 600; in 2010 this has shrunk to less than 300. “If there is any mention of anti-democratic goals that right-wing extremists might have, it turns out to be mainly ideals confessed with words,” according to the AIVD.

In a slightly different vein, consider this article from News24. Thilo Sarrazin began the new trend in Germany a couple of months ago with a book dissenting against Multiculturalism. and Horst Seehofer, the leader of the Christian Democratic Union Party (CSU) in Bavaria, followed suit. Chancellor Angela Merkel seemed to join the bandwagon, but apparently found the air in the Islamophobosphere a bit rarefied, and recanted her blasphemy shortly afterwards.

But the trend hasn’t died — Family Minister Kristina Schroeder has now joined the ranks of those who dare to utter Islam-critical words:

German Minister Criticises Muslim Youths

Berlin — German Family Minister Kristina Schroeder on Tuesday criticised Muslim youths for displaying hostility towards Germans.

“Such abuse is unfortunately commonplace amongst youths in certain areas — in the school yard, but also in the underground,” Schroeder told daily tabloid Bild.

“We are dealing with fundamentally hostile attitudes towards other groups — particularly against Germans and Christians,” the minister continued, adding, “We need to act as decisively against this as against xenophobia.”

Her comments come amid a fierce debate currently taking place in Germany about the integration of the country’s 4 million Muslims, the majority of whom are of Turkish origin.

Schroeder emphasised that she was criticising a small group of Muslim youths, and said their hostile behaviour was down to “poor education and bad friends, as well as macho norms and family violence”.

She also announced plans to set up additional facilities to help children learn to integrate and speak German at 4,000 nurseries across the country.

In recent weeks the family minister also drew attention to the fact that ethnic German children were being bullied in schools that had a high quotient of pupils from immigrant backgrounds.

Hat tip for the News24 article: SF.
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