Algerians Complain About Chinese Immigrants

The following article is not new — it was originally published by Luc Echarman on December 18, 2009 — but it is no less relevant today. It seems that the Muslims of Algeria are not as tolerant and multicultural as they insist Europeans must be.

Many thanks to our South American correspondent BG for translating this piece from the French:

The Sprinkler Sprinkled…

For the past few weeks, the Algerian press has been covering conflicts arising between the Chinese community settled in Algeria and the local population. These tense issues have led to serious aggression this summer [2009] against Chinese immigrants, so much so that the Chinese authorities had to step in and pressure their Maghrebian counterparts to put an end to the unrest.

“The Chinese are abusing the kindness of Algerians. We took them in despite their shortcomings, today they are assaulting us at home,” said Mounir to the AFP [Agence France Presse]. “They drink alcohol outside their shops in full view of Algerians and are sometimes seen exhibiting themselves on the street wearing outfits with shorts. This behaviour is contrary to our religion and our culture,” insisted Abdellah, another inhabitant of the block. [Algeria enjoys Sahara-type temperatures in summertime…].

Song (a Chinese resident) explains that these criticisms are due to “a resentment of competition, and arise out of jealousy.” In the district of Bab Ezzouar, in Algiers, more than 200 stores belong to the Chinese. “ Their goods are being sold at very competitive prices, and they remain open every day of the week; hence they are making money. That is not to the liking of the Algerians,” he observes.

Let’s reassure Algerians that, given France’s experience with Chinese immigrants on their soil, we can state with confidence that they will not resort to burning the Algerian national flag in the streets of Algiers, nor will they require Chinese food in Algerian schools, nor push for the building of Taoist or Buddhist temples, nor press for special swimming pool opening hours for their Chinese wives, nor unduly saturate social benefits programs, nor will they contradict scientific teaching, while at the same time they will happily allow their wives to be examined by local Algerian male doctors.
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